The MMA-XXX Experience

You guys have all seen the action, you know what awaits you inside The MMA-XXX Cage!

Come into this one knowing you are going to lose.

Have your Profile Pictures taken in front of the iconic MMA-XXX Backdrop, graced by so many of your favourite stars

Have your picture taken with The World Famous MMA-XXX Championship Belt as well as our all-new MMA-XXX Lightweight Title.

Partake in 3 x 5 minute rounds of the hottest action you will ever experience.

When you are inevitably defeated, prepare yourself to be utterly humiliated and abused by the victor in ways like only we can.

Enjoy the added option of having your fight immortalised in a private clip for yourself, for you to enjoy over and over again and make this MMA-XXX Experience one you will never forget.

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Semi Competitive

This one is for the those who like a good workout, who want to test their skills against one of our trained fighters, but without feeling the importance of winning.  Put up some resistance but know that inevitably these dominant females will have your number and have you tapping at will by the time the session is over.

Fantasy Fight

So you enjoy being dominated, and the plaything of our session girls? Fantasy Fights are such where little to no resistance is given by you and the even slight thought of victory is pure fantasy to you.  Usually served up with a specific scenario or story line to make your deepest fantasies a reality.  Outfits and characters can be supplied to make this your ultimate fantasy fight experience.   Scenarios and outfits to be discussed prior to booking.

Fighting scenarios include Face Sitting, Foot Play, Scissors, Pins whatever your heart desires.


The majority of our girls will no doubt beat the living hell out of you, but for those of you that are brave enough;  Competitive matches are available with some of our girls.  We advise against competitive matches due to their nature and potential for injury, but some of our fighters will partake.  Please enquire at time of booking.


Usually a session type which consists of both wrestling and domination tactics used by the session wrestler.  Such domination methods can include,  Rope Play, Ball Busting, Humiliation, Whipping, Caning,  Spanking & Nipple Torture amongst others.

Please ask for more details before booking as not all fighters offer this service. 

2 On 1

If you thought you stood a small inkling of a chance 1 on 1 against our fighters, abandon all hope here.  Either as a 2 on 1 handicap fight or a tag team scenario our girls will completely destroy you & if you're brave, hard and rich enough these numbers can be increased to 3 on 1 and so on if desired.  Maybe not for the novice, but certainly for those who know how to enjoy themselves.

MMA, Catfight, Wrestling Voyeur

Do you like to watch, enjoy taking a peek at others playing?

Our girls can put on a show like no other.  Our girls will fight amongst themselves for your enjoyment while you relax and enjoy the feast of flesh in front of you. Whether that's MMA, Wrestling or a Good Old Catfight. Maybe you even want to take some pictures?  Or make a little video of the carnage you have brought to the world.  Whatever your hearts desire.

Not all girls will be filmed so check at the time of booking and we shall give you all the details on which girls we have to offer you.


Roleplay / Cosplay

Want some fun, an escape from the everyday humdrum of life?  Why not partake in a Roleplay scenario with 1 or 2 of our girls.  We like to think, given the time, we create most dynamics for you to enjoy.  Do you have a fantasy to be dominated by a sexy secretary or to be arrested by one our make-believe security ops, how about your cover has been blown as a double agent and your sexy European partner has to take you down?  The list is endless, limited only to your imagination and budget.  Remember Roleplay can take time to plan so be sure to book well in advance.

Powerhouse Lift & Carry

This session type is performed by only our strongest & fittest wrestlers.   Usually consisting of the lifting and carrying of clients in a variety of positions, with the odd playful spank thrown in for good measure when over the shoulder lifting.  Be aware these girls are strong, but they are not bionic so weight restrictions will apply depending on model chosen.

Foot Play

If you have a foot fetish, or just wish to kneel at the feet of our stunning girl, they are more than happy for you worship their feet until your heart's content. 

Do you like them clean and fresh or hot and sweaty after a session.  Whatever your tastes, no pun intended, they will be happy to oblige.  They might just trample you also if your worship is of a high enough standard.

MMA Beatdown

If you enjoy an ass whooping then this is the session for you.  Our fighters will punch, kick, knee and wrestle you into oblivion with defence as your only tool.  No striking from you guys, you are these girls plaything until they take you down, where you can attempt to wrestle your way out of the helpless position you willingly placed yourself in while these girls reign strikes down on you.  Are you hard enough for this one ??

A safe word will be established before the session begins, which when uttered from your feeble lips, the beatdown will stop.